Viewing photographs on television screen

  Southernboy 13:52 19 Aug 2003

For the last few years I have used colour print film, but before that I used slides. I have a mass of both slides and negatives which I would like to be able to view on the TV set, but there seemed no way of doing this. I now use Kodak Film CDs, but my DVD player cannot read these.

HOWEVER, I have recently been told there IS a way of transferring slides and negatives to a CD that CAN be read by a DVD player by using something called "Video Capture".

Anyone know anything about this? I would love to transfer the family photo album (which goes back over 50 years) to a media that can be seen on a TV screen.

  stlucia 14:07 19 Aug 2003

First you have to scan your prints, slides, negatives and save them in your computer. This can be done using a slide & film adaptor on a normal flat-bed scanner, or using a dedicated film and slide scanner (higher quality, and probably faster, but pricey) such as Minolta.

Then you burn them as a "slide show" onto a DVD or video CD. You may be able to do this using the software which comes with your burner, but others in this forum will probably point you in the direction of other/better software for the job.

Incidentally, you can also put your Kodak PhotoCD picture files into a slide show as well. Somewhere on the Kodak CD you'll find a folder which holds the actual photo files, and you just use those files to create your slide show in the same way as you use your scanned files.

  Dark Knight 14:08 19 Aug 2003

I have noticed in the 'dream' catalogue which is supplied in newspapers on a regular basis a device that can convert negatives into picture files and thus can be put onto CD.

click here={D0D4930C-903A-4B4B-A3C4-E48868A02391}&MC=XA00001&TRK=14

May be able to get it cheaper but at least its a start.

Good Luck

  Amazon 14:44 19 Aug 2003

You can download a simple program from
click here
which enables you to create a slideshow of up to 500 slides which you can then burn on to a normal CD-ROM and then watch on a DVD player/TV.
You can also add music as a background to the slideshow. From memory it cost about £15.

  easyrider66 14:57 19 Aug 2003


Have a look at this program, click here, its free and will do everything that you are asking for.
It will need nero burning software to burn to disk in vcd format, which most dvd players can play, allowing you watch them on tv.


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