Viewing Microsoft Publisher files

  pienter 20:29 06 Jan 2003
  pienter 20:29 06 Jan 2003

Is there any way of viewing Microsoft Publisher documents without installing the MS Publisher programme.

  DieSse 21:07 06 Jan 2003

I'm 99.99% sure there isn't such a facility.

  Gongoozler 21:11 06 Jan 2003

Ken, this site click here confirms my suspicion that there is no viewer for Publisher files. This is unfortunate as there are viewers available for Word and Powerpoint files. Your only options are to get a copy of MS Publisher, or find a friend with Publisher who will let you view the files.

  Peter E 21:17 06 Jan 2003

No viewer for Publisher, I'm afraid. It is possible to save Publisher pages as GIF files and view them using any software which can load GIF. There's a knowledgebase article on how to do it (individual pages though - not whole documents).

There seems to be a viewer for everything else here

Unless someone knows different!


  pienter 23:25 06 Jan 2003

Thanks for the responses which appear to be consistently pessimistic. Could Peter E. be more specific about the Knowledge Base article please as I haven't been able to locate it.

  tbh72 02:01 07 Jan 2003

If the files are not too big (Eg not too time consuming) I can open & do screen print's for you. If that's any help!!!!

  Peter E 10:59 07 Jan 2003

The knowledge base article is 212563. It's for Publisher 2000.

Sorry, I can't paste in the link.


  pienter 21:29 07 Jan 2003

Thanks again to both tbh72 and Peter E. I shall try the *.gif file conversion route as described in the article rather than taking advantage of tbh72's very kind offer. There is another KB article describing a method using bitmaps and MS Paint which is an alternative to the *.gif route.

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