Viewing JPG Files on a TV from a DVD Disc

  thegreypanther 15:53 01 Jan 2004

I am interested in being able to view JPG image files on my TV set, by burning them first onto a CD-ROM or DVD disc and then playing them through the DVD player on my home television set.
Is this possible?
Any advice as to how to do this easily, - hardware, software etc., I will be very glad to hear.

  Peanut001 16:01 01 Jan 2004

If your DVD player reads JPEG'S then just copy them to the disk and play them, alot of new players do support jpeg's but yours may not.
They are not expensive to buy but make sure if u do purchase one that it will do what u want.

Otherwise if your graphics card has tv output just hook ya tv up as a monitor.
I use my tv as a monitor (great for games on 32" wide screen).
To check look next to the monitor output on the back of your pc, if theres a small s-video port then u can do it this way!

  christmascracker 16:03 01 Jan 2004

Check you DVD player here to see what it will play

click here

  Peanut001 16:12 01 Jan 2004

good link but checked with my dvd player, got one result which was wrong, all user info only, not offical.

  thegreypanther 16:37 01 Jan 2004

Never realised that there WERE DVD players that allowed you to watch JPG files! Many thanks for the responses.

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