Viewing Full Screen - BBC Video Clips

  peter99co 22:06 13 Jun 2010

I seem to have a problem when viewing BBC Video Clips. They display in a small screen OK but if I click the Full screen button on the lower right the screen view changes to a full scceen with a very small picture in the middle about 3 in x 2 in

I uninstalled Adobe Flash player and tried again. The BBC link I tried to view siad I needed a flash player "click install". I then installed a fresh version of the flash player (ver Unfortunately the fix has not cured the problem. I still get a little picture in a full screen view.
I tried viewing BBCi Player but this is normal and working well. Utube and Flixxy are fine also.
It seems to be just BBC Video.(News etc.)

Everything worked well a few days ago. Has a recent windows update caused a problem?

  peter99co 22:15 13 Jun 2010

version 10,1,53,64 installed

  JamesDS 12:39 14 Jun 2010


I had the same problem. It seems the BBC have broken their video player whilst making various upgrades in time for the World Cup.

As far as I know, this problem occurs on 16:9 widescreen displays. I have a dual monitor setup, and full screen only works on my 16:10 screen - not on my 16:9 (laptop) screen. I've confirmed this theory with my dad and brother's screens.

So, until the BBC fix it, you might want to try using a 16:10 resolution, something like 1280x800, 1440x900, 1680z1050, etc - whatever suits your screen best and is similar to your existing resolution. Whilst image quality probably won't be quite as good (you might not want to set your graphics drivers to not stretch the image and just settle for the letter-boxing effect) at least full screen will work.

Hope that helps! :)


  tullie 12:46 14 Jun 2010

Mines working ok

  T I M B O 13:28 14 Jun 2010

The new flash is beta of course, this could be the issue ??

For older versions of flash>>> click here

  peter99co 15:06 14 Jun 2010

It was fine with a flash version I have had for months. I uninstalled that and took the upgrade offered by the bbc site.

If new users came on to use BBC for the first time they would discover they have to install Adobe Flash and this is the New Beta Version.

I will have to wait for the BBC to sort out the problem I think. Thank you for your comments

  Sea Urchin 15:36 14 Jun 2010

As TIMBO says why not revert to the Flash version you had before?

  peter99co 18:24 14 Jun 2010

I see your logic but that was not working either.
How do I revert?

  Sea Urchin 22:51 15 Jun 2010

Not sure what you mean - above you said

"It was fine with a flash version I have had for months. I uninstalled that and took the upgrade offered by the bbc site".

From which I assumed you meant that was when it stopped working. So uninstall the upgrade and go back to the version you had before.

  peter99co 21:10 16 Jun 2010

The older version is not available and BBC failed to work whilst using the old version. The update was supposed to correct the fault.

The BBC video will not work until you download "the correct flashplayer" and 10 is the one the BBC sends you to.

It is possible I can change my monitor setting but why change that if all other video is correct?

The monitor is a wide screen version and change to it upsets all my photography settings.

  peter99co 21:20 16 Jun 2010

I have just completed a new installation on a different computer and to test it I attempted to view Boris Johnson on a BBC video and the same fault is on that as well.

click here

The Flashplayer supplied by the Acer Setup has not been modified in any way. It is just as it was "out of the box"

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