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  [DELETED] 22:14 10 Aug 2003

i downloaded a sopranos episode from the internet, unfortunately there is no picture only the sound, the download uses something called codec, and conects to the internet rather then being a seperate file in itself, is there any way i can view the picture with the file?

  [DELETED] 22:29 10 Aug 2003

what software are you using to view/listen to this download - if you are using win media player - have you updated to the latest version - as these often come with updated codec - or if using other software have you checked for updates on that too?

  hugh-265156 00:25 11 Aug 2003

windows media player 9 has problems playing some divx formats.i had problems myself with some movie and game trailers.all i got was sound

i downloaded the free player click here (without adware) this contains the codecs required to play most things.

you will find that windows media player will now also will play the movie.or you can use the divx player to of course.

  [DELETED] 11:11 16 Aug 2003

Hi huggyg71, Theres two free players, which one did you download?

  hugh-265156 14:03 16 Aug 2003

the standard without adware version

  [DELETED] 11:20 14 Oct 2004

When I download programs, video clips etc. I used to have a panel appear when download was complete, giving me the option to Open the D/L or Open Folder. This no longer appears and I have to manually open the destination folder and search for it. How can I get this panel to re-appear. I am running Win XP./SP2.

  [DELETED] 11:23 14 Oct 2004

Sorry, I mean't to open a new subject.

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