Viewing animated gifs?

  Roadgiant 16:35 05 Mar 2003

On several websites (mainly forums)I use, people are using animated gifs.
On my older Win98 pc the gifs show as animated, on my new XP pc the same gifs are not animated, both pc's use IE6.
Is there some setting somwhere that needs changing on the newer pc to enable the gifs to show as animated?
Thanks in advance for any assistance

  Roadgiant 19:09 06 Mar 2003

Thanks for the suggestions but after trying out both ideas still not working.
On a side note when I tried to use the disc cleanup tool I found it stopped responding due.I managed to sort this out using the MS Knowledge base article 812248, but still cannot view the animated gifs.

  Roadgiant 08:25 09 Mar 2003

Animations now working,for anyone else who has the same problem, there is a checkbox in ZoneAlarm under privacy/custom/ad blocking/animation that needed unchecking

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