View your postings (disabled)

  Pine Man 19:02 24 Aug 2005

Is it just my postings that are disabled or everybodies and does anybody know why?

  woodchip 19:04 24 Aug 2005

everybody - it's got some bugs

  VoG II 19:04 24 Aug 2005

It is everybody and this is why click here

  octal 19:04 24 Aug 2005

Yes, there have been problems with it, so I'm guessing they've closed it temporarily.

  Pine Man 19:09 24 Aug 2005

Thanks VoG musy have missed the FE's thread.

  Forum Editor 19:13 24 Aug 2005

As mentioned in a previous post of mine.

We've done it because we are conscious of the frustration that everyone must be feeling when the site repeatedly locks up, or sends you a timeout error message.

I'm not saying that we've cracked the problem in all its detail, but we should see the threads loading a little faster, now that the 'My postings' database is not being accessed. We're considering a number of options for the future, and I'll keep you fully informed as and when we have anything to report. In the meantime, thanks for your patience - much appreciated by all concerned.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:27 25 Aug 2005

Glad I searched before posting, I was about to email the forum editor :)

I have been really quiet recently.

  PA28 10:31 25 Aug 2005

Oh dear - I HAVE emailed the FE. Wanted to find a post from the distant past - trouble is that I've made thousands in my time!

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