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View the files on PC (Tower) on a laptop

  tonyq 16:19 17 Jul 2018

Is it possible to connect a laptop to a old win 98 PC tower, to view the contents of the hard drive ? I know I could remove the HD from the PC and place in a enclosure ?.

  saezyyy 16:50 17 Jul 2018

Try putting an HDMI lead in your laptop going to your PC then the picture should load on your laptop then you can check it that way. I dont know much about computers sorry.

  tonyq 17:01 17 Jul 2018

No HDMI on PC tower.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:30 17 Jul 2018

You could network via your router or network directly using a crossover cable

  tonyq 14:46 18 Jul 2018

Fruit bat, please could you tell me how I could view the files via my router, or point me to a good web page.

  Forum Editor 15:33 18 Jul 2018

Do you have a wireless card in the tower PC? If you do, you should be able to see the PC on the laptop via your WiFi network.

If there's no wireless card in the PC, you'll need to use a crossover cable, as mentioned by Fruit Bat /\0/. Here's a walk-through of how to do that.

Alternatively, if you have a USB memory stick you could simply plug it into the PC and drag the data files onto it. I assume it is data files you're interested in - there will be probably be nothing else of real interest on the drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:39 18 Jul 2018

An easier way may be to install temviewer on both machines win 98 will require teamvieweer 3.6

what op system on the laptop?

  tonyq 19:02 18 Jul 2018

Is a crossover cable just an Ethernet cable with the same connector at each end ?

  Forum Editor 23:14 18 Jul 2018

"Is a crossover cable just an Ethernet cable with the same connector at each end ?"

If you hold the two ends of a crossover cable side by side, with the plastic tabs facing away from you, you'll see that the coloured wire at pin number 1 (on the extreme left) of one end of the cable becomes the third coloured wire (pin number3) at the other end of the cable.

  tonyq 16:47 26 Jul 2018

Sorry for the delay. I went to my village PC shop to see if I could obtain a Crossover cable, he asked what I going to do with the cable, when I explained he said "I wouldn't bother it will be a pain in the backside trying to do that with a Windows 98 pc to Windows 10 laptop,and you may also have problems putting it in a enclosure" he said he had some kind of connection cable I could use(borrow)to do the job. After removing the HD then connecting to my laptop I could move the documents ect to my laptop. So theirs something for buying local which I have tried to do in the past ,even when it is a little bit more cash sometimes. Thank you all for your help/advice.

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