In view of all the Spam threads for software to..

  Stuartli 18:33 06 Aug 2009

..convert this, that and the other to this, that and the other audio and/or video files, this link may prove of greater interest:

click here

  howard64 06:45 07 Aug 2009

sounds good thanks - will give it a try

  birdface 10:19 07 Aug 2009

Is it a free to try only.

click here

  Wak 10:33 07 Aug 2009

Another excellent program to convert Video, Audio and Graphic files is the "Format Factory" from click here
It is definitely FREE, performs well and really is worth a mention.
I've used it for ages.

  Stuartli 10:58 07 Aug 2009

Not heard that handle before. Coincidence?

Emphasis on "free", "really worth a mention"

Or am I just an old cynic?

  Wak 11:39 07 Aug 2009

Hi, I've been a member of this forum for years and am not one of the spammers (check with the Ed.)
And yes, Format Factory is a very good program, it is FREE and I have used it for ages.
That's why I mentioned it.
If you would like another FREE program I use for editing videos, try "AVIdemux".
"VirtualDub" will only save in AVI format but AVIdemux will save in other formats, thus saving a lot of space on the hard drive.
Face it, my friend, you are just an old cynic at heart! Or are you a Tyke, like me??

  lotvic 12:02 07 Aug 2009

I usually check with google if any doubts
(put name here)
this gives a list of posts by (whoever it is)
Wak has been around for a few years :)

  lotvic 12:06 07 Aug 2009

ps. Don't put the brackets() round the name

  Pineman100 12:11 07 Aug 2009

Looks a handy bit of software - thanks. And it comes at an opportune time.

My old XP computer is choked up with so many bits of freeware that I've lost track of a lot of them!

My new machine arrives in the next day or two, so I'm looking forward to doing a minimalist installation of just ONE of everything I need!

  Stuartli 12:33 07 Aug 2009

My apologies - it was the way it was phrased and the use of capital letters that aroused my suspicions.

Just read the Spam threads to understand why..:-)

  anchor 12:57 07 Aug 2009

I have also used RAD video tools; very effective. Free, but you are "invited" to make a donation.

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