Videos not playing smoothly

  hawthorn59 02:22 14 Mar 2010

Hi all

Have a new laptop, 3 gig ram, windows 7. I notice that a lot of the time when I play a video from a site it is very jerky, and doesnt seem to stream (if thats the correct term) as fast as necessary to look at it!

Youtube videos seem to be ok. The latest site I had a problem was Some of the videos played ok but some didnt.

What actually determines whether a video plays well?

Is it your pc, your broadband speed, or the site you're on!!??



  mooly 08:19 14 Mar 2010

It can be a combination of all three.
Check your broadband speed here, take seconds to do.
click here

Make sure you have the most up to date version of flashplayer installed too... should be on W7 PC
On IE8 toolbar goto tools/manage add-ons/ and see what version is shown. I think is the latest.

  luluqian 08:21 14 Mar 2010

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  EARLR 09:09 14 Mar 2010


  hawthorn59 12:01 14 Mar 2010

Yes Im definitely ignoring that!

Did a speed check, its 1.25Mb/s which considering its only supposed to be 1Mb is good.

I'll check the flash. Thanks.


  citadel 12:28 14 Mar 2010

mostly broadband speed, i find that 3 to 4 mb is needed for smooth play. my netbook is hopeless on the dongle but when i plug the ethernet cable in in it plays ok.

  mooly 13:26 14 Mar 2010

Forgot to mention it might be worth running the speed check at peak times too. It sounds a little on the low side perhaps.

Found this...
click here

if you try anything write down what you alter so you can put it back again if no good. And create a restore point too.

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