Videos not playing on laptop including those on FB

  Pip58 13:25 14 Jul 2018

I have just installed Google Chrome and for some reason all the videos are not showing. I get full sound but just a black screen. If I hover over the screen I do get a small image of what's playing. Any help please. Thank you.

  KEITH 1955 13:50 14 Jul 2018

I found this article for you

click here would recommend you try step 5 first.

WARNING with regards to step 1 , flash is now regarded as a high security risk so I have to say this to you , I am giving you this link to read but once you have read it you are responsible for what you do next..... I am only saying that so you don't give me any verbals if something goes wrong.


  Govan1x 13:55 14 Jul 2018

Maybe check the settings on Chrome and make sure Flash is switched on.That is only a guess but worth trying.

  Forum Editor 08:45 14 Sep 2018

Adobe Flash will be completely phased out by the end of 2020. Both Chrome and Firefox block Flash plugins automatically, although you can reactivate on an individual case basis.

The BBC still supports Flash, but is also using HTML5. That will change soon, and Flash support will cease.

YouTube has already switched to HTML5.

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