Videos loading slowly sometimes stops to load

  yyss 20:38 14 Dec 2015

Videos loading slowly sometimes stops to load and crash with "An error occurred" massage. I did not have this problem before but after I reinstalled windows this started to happen immediately.I noticed this on youtube but after trying other sites same problem starts to happen.I also tried different browser and different networks.Also tried to connect with lan and wireless. I again reinstalled windows 2 times after but problem is still there.

  difarn 15:18 15 Dec 2015

Is your browser up to date? Have you tried clearing cookies and cache? Do you have the latest Flash Player installed? Youtube is using HTML5 instead of Flash and some browsers are having problems. This can be disabled in most browsers to force videos to be played with Flash. You will need to research how to do it for your browser.

  yyss 21:07 15 Dec 2015

Browser is up to date.I cleared cookies and caches,flushed dns...didn't work.I have latest Flash player.Videos did not playes well in on other sites too and in other browser.I downloaded add on for mozilla to play youtube with flash player now I will see how it works. Thank you

  wee eddie 21:38 15 Dec 2015

Do you mean "Downloading slowly"?

If so it may be your Internet connection is on the slow side

  yyss 01:15 17 Dec 2015

I dont have problem with downloading I checked speedtest.It's with loading of videos.I think that problem is what you suggested with HTML5 and Flash player.Only thing is that youtube flash player addon has the problem recently with video quality it's only up to 360p but they will probably fix that. Thank you for helping

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