Videos Causing Slight Pausing Offline

  Darren Fuge 20:02 31 May 2018

Hello. For a while when I got my laptop, videos online and offline were playing fine. Then they started pausing themselves for a second every four to five seconds and this happens as well when I'm watching a video from my hard drive and it does it with a number of Media Players. It's bad enough it does it at You Tube and Facebook and I can't even play video files much from my hard drive. Sometimes the problem goes and then comes back again out of nowhere. Ages ago elsewhere somebody suggested deleting my Temporary Internet Folder and Cookies and that seemed to work for a while and the problem still comes back. Yesterday I was watching some video files and they were playing 100% and then out of nowhere the sixth video started messing about with the slight pausing every four to five seconds. I'm using an HP gaming laptop and I have the best processor to get, I also have a 16GB RAM so it's not as if my laptop is out-of-date. I bought this laptop in January. Can anyone help me on this please. Thanks.

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