Videographer in need of help!

  SarahT 19:51 18 Feb 2012

Hi All,

I shoot weddings and would like to buy a laptop and an external hard drive allowing me to copy my recorded data from my SD HC Memory Cards onto the laptop while I am at an event. This will save me time from doing it when I get home as I arrive at home sometimes later than 1am. I would buy a lot more memory cards but I have a week of weddings booked back to back so a solution like this is what I really need.

I have met another videographer who uses a macbook pro and aperture along with a SSD Raid. As soon as he fills a memory card his assistant takes the card and begins to copy it on to the laptop, using aperture it allows him to also copy to the videos to the SSD external raid so he has two copies.

Can I buy a windows laptop and do something like this?

  markd71 20:13 18 Feb 2012
  SarahT 20:17 18 Feb 2012


The idea is I have 2 copies of 1 SD Card incase of hard drive failure. I had a similar product a few years ago which failed on me. A laptop with an external drive makes me feel a lot more secure.

We are a team of two videographers and every hour we use 32GB between us, getting the data from the SD Cards onto a laptop and an external drive allows us to format the cards and reuse them.

  woodchip 20:25 18 Feb 2012

You need a Laptop With the Biggest drive in it you can get all Partitions need to be NTFS if you do not the Video will be Split. Take care on the above as some Laptops still have windows loaded on Fat32 it as a 4Gig file size limit.Same with External Drive I use a Seagate FreeAgenrt GoFlex. USB is slow to copy to like External\ Drives If can find a Laptop a nd drive that supports USB3 go for that. You will also need Software or Video Editing Software to download the Video with

  markd71 20:26 18 Feb 2012

Well then go for the Macbook and external

  Terry Brown 20:27 18 Feb 2012

As your main problem seems to be the safety of the video work, have you thought about using online (cloud) storage as a backup medium until you are sure that your data is safely in the hands of the customer?.

I appreciate this may cost some outlay, but it is an option to consider.


  woodchip 20:45 18 Feb 2012

That's not much good in the field. Unless you payed for a mobile very fast connection like sat that would cost more than the video would pay for

  markd71 19:22 19 Feb 2012

  Woolwell 19:37 19 Feb 2012

Terry Brown - online storage of video whilst out and about is almost certainly a non-starter. Just think of the upload speeds and time that would take. The OP wants to quickly remove video off an SD card to two storage solutions. A RAID set up may well work.

Suggest that you need a laptop with the largest hard drive you can find and an external drive to match. USB3 or eSATA may be the way to go for connection.

Something like Hitachi G Technology may suit. More seem set up for Mac though. I've not used this.

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