Video XBox One for my son to post on YouTube

  Pippeetter 16:37 10 Dec 2016

Hi all My 9 year old wants to record himself playing XBoxOne games (like Dan TDM) and then post to YouTube. I have no idea how to do this! He is so eager and I feel a bit useless. Can anyone please help us? Pip

  Pippeetter 14:32 13 Dec 2016

Hi and thanks Dave I've had a look but I don't understand. Perhaps it is because I am an old(er) parent! I'm really looking for some step by step instructions if possible. I've done a little research but just can't get my head around it. We have a laptop, an Xbox one - no software Hoping someone can help. He is very eager and we have no idea how to help him! Thanks in advance for any further advice.

  Archonar 15:48 13 Dec 2016

I'm just going to explain the options so you can choose the one that will work best for you before we give you a guide on how to do it.

His xbox one has an application that can record gameplay for him - up to 5 minutes, as shown in dave's first link. He then needs to download the Upload Studio app for his xbox, which will allow him to edit and upload videos to youtube.

The alternative is buying a capture card, such as an elgato game capture HD. These are small boxes which plug in between your xbox and tv and store the video footage from the xbox on your laptop. He will then have to edit them on the pc, and upload them to the Youtube website. Which type of capture card you buy depends on your price range, an elgato is around £130 whereas there are some available for around £30. The elgato will give better quality and feature options, but he may not need one that is that expensive when starting out.

The software on the xbox will be more accessible, and is free, but will have less features and editing options below the surface. A capture card allows him more editing freedom on the laptop, but requires an investment and additional software. My recommendation would be the xbox option as this will be more accessible for him, and does not require you to buy anything. Look at the options and let us know what you decide and we will give you a more in depth guide on how to do it.

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