Video Tools, & nero burning problem

  Mad Boy 00:14 25 Mar 2003

I have recently bought a DVD player which supports VCD & SVCD.

I burned my first ever video-cd through nero & most my avi/mpeg files said something about the rate speed and should only be used for super video-cd or something like that. Anyway i tried burning around 23 movies each size being from 1Mb to 7Mb

The burn was succesfull, i popped the disc into my DVD player and the first movie played excellent. However the rest showed up as huge 64x64 pixels thus had to skip to next movie,as a result it went from movie 1(which was fine remember) & skipped to about movie 12 then stopped. But i burned around 23 movies! so can somebody please explain what caused this?

Oh i tried both video-cd and super video-cd but still the same effect!
My theory is the file sizes are too small?
If thats the case,(if not too) can anyone point me to a good freeware mpeg/mpg/avi movie joiner?
Also a slideshow maker?
I.e you drag your bmp/jpeg/gif etc into the program then it creates it as an avi/mpeg


  MichelleC 08:26 25 Mar 2003

The VCD easy site will let you know all you need to know: click here. The prob could be a variety of reasons. Are the files all the same type? Some avi could be different, ie DivX etc. Try and use codecs to convert all to same format and then burn. Nero will burn mpeg1 (more compressed), but you'll need an mpeg2 (less compressed than 1) plugin (due to copyright).

  Mad Boy 13:14 25 Mar 2003

ok thanks MichelleC ill try the link

  Mad Boy 13:58 25 Mar 2003

How do i convert these codecs to the same format, what do i need?

And what do you mean, convert either avi to mpeg & vice versa?

Does te file have to be the same type?

  MichelleC 16:24 25 Mar 2003

avi is uncompressed (and big file size - 1gb = 5/6 mins)and best for dvd. Compress to mpeg1 or 2, but depending on size you may have to use 1 (which is still good quality). It's easier to burn if they're all the same.

  Andy 999 17:09 25 Mar 2003

what about divx?u tried that.Thats a for of avi isnt it?And you can get higher bitrates in a smaller size

  Mad Boy 19:52 25 Mar 2003

Can somebody please tell me what do you mean by uncompresses or whatever, How do i get them all the same??????

  MichelleC 08:11 26 Mar 2003

avi is the format which all dv'ers use to edit on pc. It is uncompressed but is the best for Digital Video. It is avi that is used on dvd's, and for tranferring to video tape.

Once edited you can render again to avi, or the prog can compress to mpeg1,2,3,4. To be able to fit onto a cd depends on file size which determines how much to compress. The VCDeasy link will show you all you need to know, but it may be easier to get a prog (like Video Factory or Studio 7 (not 8 as there's bugs) or Magix Video deluxe.

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