Video tape to DVD

  pj123 15:59 24 Jun 2008

Over the last year or so I have been transferring my Beta and VHS tapes to DVD.

About 8 weeks ago my Beta recorder called it a day and packed up.

I bought another Beta off eBay as "in good working condition" but when it arrived it didn't work at all. Chucked it in the bin, but I did manage to get a refund from the seller, less the postage costs.

I found a company on the internet who will do a transfer to DVD at £10 per tape.

I sent a Beta tape and it has been transferred perfectly but it is on the DVD as .vob files.

I would like to get this DVD into a program where I can do some editing on it.

I have tried Pinnacle Studio but it doesn't recognise .vob files.

I tried a conversion program to convert from vob to avi but when I played it back there was no sound only video.

Can anyone suggest any other programs I can try?


  MCE2K5 16:14 24 Jun 2008

Which Version of Pinnacle Studio are you using.

As far as I know, you can Import DVD from Version 9.4 upwards.

  MCE2K5 16:28 24 Jun 2008


You could copy all the VOB's to your Hard Drive, Then Rename them to .mpg's.


VTS_02_1.VOB to VTS_02_1.mpg

VTS_02_2.VOB to VTS_02_2.mpg

VTS_02_3.VOB to VTS_02_3.mpg

VTS_02_4.VOB to VTS_02_4.mpg

Then load them into Pinnacle & Edit.

p.s. It don't always work, Has done for me on a few occasions

  pj123 17:01 24 Jun 2008

MCE2K5, at the moment I am using Studio 9.4 but I did buy and try Studio 12 but that didn't work either.

Tried renaming but that doesn't work either.

  Ditch999 17:54 24 Jun 2008

Nero Vision 4 does it if you use the option of "Import Disc". It copies the files to make them editable and then you can reburn them

  eedcam 18:34 24 Jun 2008

Virtualdub mpeg 2 will convert to dvd-avi which hsould be usable with most editors
Its free Hi David
click here

  pj123 12:52 25 Jun 2008

I think I have got it worked out now, thanks to MCE2K5.

I didn't see the "Import DVD" bit in Studio 9.

Just gave it a try and so far it looks good.

Have also downloaded Virtualdub, courtesy of eedcam. Thanks, will give that a try another time.

Will tick this as resolved for now.

And thanks all again.

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