Video syncing

  tullie 12:40 09 May 2011

I am in the process of copying VHS tapes to my PC,for transfer to DVD.The audio is a couple of seconds behind video.Anyway i can correct this?

  woodchip 12:51 09 May 2011

I had lots of problems with this in the Past, it was a Hardware Problem, But you also can, depend on the software Editing Program you use.

With VHS got over that one by using a VHS Analogue to USB Video Capture Cable and software

Like this it also lets you capture stills by pressing the button on it

link text

  tullie 16:07 09 May 2011

Thanks for the answer Woodchip.I have used such a device to capture onto my computer.It is the captured MPEG that has the problem.I might try a conversion to AVI to see if this helps.

  Les28 16:30 09 May 2011

Most video editing software allows for re-synching audio video, even windows own movie maker allows "nudging" of the audio to realign it with the video, unfortunately in most versions of windows, windows own movie maker won't accept input of mpeg2 files which I'm guessing yours are.

The only reason I could think of to convert to an avi format is that movie maker will probably accept the avi and you could adjust the synch in movie maker, however on the other hand as you are already in mpeg2 format and your dvd video will be in mpeg2 (VOB) format it's not ideal to go changing formats and then back again if not absolutely needed as there can be quality loss doing that.

I used to capture to my video editing program in mpeg2 from my old analogue camcorder using a pinnacle capture card fitted into the pc, my vid editing prog allowed for editing of mpeg2 and resaving edited wok as an mpeg2 file which I'd burn as a dvd disk.

I'm not sure whether a free trial of Video Redo will allow for audio video realignment of the original mpeg2, might be worth a try.There are plenty of other vid editing progs with free trials online which will accept mpeg2 input and allow for re-synching audio video.

  eedcam 17:58 09 May 2011

Video redo is Fully working and will sync .Be aware though the sync may not be the same through the whole file .It can be along and tedious task You would be better going to a dvd recorder firstif possible as its the best and easiest way to go

  tullie 18:56 09 May 2011

Thanks everyone,i have converted to AVI for the time being,and will look at DVD conversion when time permits.

  Number six 22:58 09 May 2011

Not entirely sure about this, but the way I understand it is that AVI is merely a "container" format which allows for easier editing of video files, in this case MPEG2. Conversion from MPEG to AVI and back again in itself should not result in any degradation of quality, as it does not re-code the data. eedcam: is this correct?

  eedcam 05:42 10 May 2011

Number Six correct it is only a container and there are several format variants within I'm sure it can degrade as there is re encoding not to mention compressing and expanding and most decent softare will edit Mpeg2 even Old dvd shrink can cut a nd shunr

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