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  schole 13:11 18 Mar 2008

Hi can you recommend software which will enable me to transfer footage from my camcord,edit it,add music and put on a DVD. Nothing to complicated I run Windows Vista Home Premium

Thank you



  Jake_027 13:32 18 Mar 2008

press start and in the search box type "movie maker" without quotation marks.

Hope This Helps

  [email protected] 13:51 18 Mar 2008

It may depend on the footage format.
Can't speak for Vista but WMM in XP will not accept MPEG-4 resulting in the files having to be converted before they can be imported into WMM. It get's a bit complicated if you are new to it like me, WMM accepts AVI and/or WMV format and will only output in WMV.
Then the software for preparing the movie disc can also require a different format - damned confusing to say the least then there's DVD plug-ins...

  eedcam 13:57 18 Mar 2008

If you have mini dv then wmm will do it all in vista. Wotbus wot you mean will only output in wmm you can out put in various versions including Dv-avi which is the highest format and any of them will burn to dvd either in nero or freeebies like dvd flick

  David4637 14:04 18 Mar 2008

You need video editting s/w, if you are going to spend time on this activity. WMM is not really any good, cause you can not burn to DVD with the XP WMM, don't know about Vista. Look for Adobe Elements, Ulead or Pinnacle Studio version 943 or later (I use this one), but its a learning curve like most things in this life to do with computers. David

  [email protected] 14:12 18 Mar 2008

Confusion reigns and sliding down the learning curve...
I am sure you are right eedcam but since I began playing around with video clips a few days ago I have never been more confused with a subject - having to mess about with format converters etc.
WMP11 in XP won't accept MPEG'4 so it had to be converted to .wmv so I could use WMM). Tried to burn a DVD and got "you don't have the necessary Codecs) - tried to burn an SVCD and got "you don't have the plug in"....
Sorry schole, didn't mean to highjack your thread but was just trying to point out it's not as easy as it first may seem LOL.
Good luck :-)

  Technotiger 14:26 18 Mar 2008

I recommend, and use Pinnacle Studio 9, probably later versions out now! Connect your cam to PC, preferably by Firewire, then edit/produce to your hearts delight.

  Technotiger 14:29 18 Mar 2008

PS - not a steep learning curve at all (unlike WMP), even for first time users, no messing about with converting anything - just do it!

  [email protected] 15:45 18 Mar 2008

Thanks Technotiger. I have Studio 8 and use it a lot for my stills but movie is another thing altogether, it wouldn't accept the mpeg4 files either. Just a question of getting up to date with the newer versions and newer formats I suppose.
Anyone care to add for schole, me and anyone else following this thread:
What is the best all in one movie (camera to DVD disc) software?

  eedcam 18:58 18 Mar 2008

I wish posters would refrain from saying you cant burn to dvd with Wmm in XP no you cant but good grief you only need to export and you can burn with virtually anything .Admittedly it is a limited piece but its free an good for finding your way round for beginners

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