Video Sender

  Skinn 23:23 29 Dec 2004

I have a DVD player on my PC but none otherwise. I was thinking of getting one of those "sender" units to send the DVD through the airwaves to my TV. Would this work?
If so, how much should I pay and where from? Would the remote control work on a PC?

Or, would it be better to just get a cheap DVD player?

  kjrider 23:29 29 Dec 2004

A cheap DVD player (less than 20 quid now) would be easier to set up.

For your PC you would need a video output, + cables, etc to set up.


  Charence 23:34 29 Dec 2004

If your TV has Composite/S-Video/Scart sockets then it will work. If not you'll need to buy a video out port for your computer. click here

Dixons have a video sender for £50 click here=^&crawler_id=30190&dealId=Dqyp-VbZI1jr7W%24538og8w%3D%3D&prjID=ds&searchID=d4761ac7d09a9605aa48fcc9& here

For this price, you can get an incredibly good DVD player!!! I bought an AIWA DVD mid-range DVD player £40 from Sainsbury's, it includes features such as DVD/VCD/MP3 playback and memory for remembering when you stopped your movie.


  Charence 23:35 29 Dec 2004

Try this click here

  handful 07:45 30 Dec 2004

Aldi do a good sender made by Tevion for around £25. I have a couple and they work pretty well. Not tries it from pc though.

  anchor 13:43 30 Dec 2004

Just get a cheap DVD player; much easier.

I have a video sender; useful for relaying "Sky" to second TV`s in the kitchen & bedroom..

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