Video production laptop specs

  Umyd 13:25 18 Jul 2013

Hi folks,

I'm planning to purchase a laptop for video production. Specially for AE and premiere pro, and some gaming. (I'm not very experienced, so please forgive some simple questions)

Here is my configuration (numbered to make it easy to comment) and some questions:

1- Intel Core i7-4700MQ (2.4GHz, quad core, 6mb cache, turbo mode 3.4GHz, 47W)

2- NVIDIA Geforce GTX 770m

3- RAM 4x8 32GB DDR3-1600MHz (an IT guy told me that current systems can make use of up to 12gb of ram only. Is that true. Should I be going for 8+4gb ram?)

4- 256gb ssd Samsung 840 PRO

5- 1TB + 8GB SSD, 64mb cache (so this 1tb hdd is supposed to have ssd speed. I chose it for storing my 150+gb video projects and my movies. speaking of storage, is it advised to have a ssd for the OS and software, and a fast and larger hdd to store the videos/the project so that the software can access it quickly? It's not advised to have both the software and the project vids on the same hdd. Is this correct?)

6- What shall I do with the msata slots? Are they the same as the usual SSDs but just smaller?

7- Which screen shall I choose: some say go for "17.3 inch Full HD Non-Glare - 72% Gamut (AUO B173HW01 V4)" and some say "17.3 inch Full HD Glare - 90% Gamut (AUO B173HW01 V5)".

8- Wireless / Bluetooth: Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 dual band AGN (2.4/5GHz), 300mbps + bluetooth 4.0 (wireless display)

9- Do you think by now win8 is developed enough? Or shall I go for win7?

The link is below in case I've left something out. It's a Dutch website but the names of the parts are the same: click here,



  LastChip 13:59 18 Jul 2013

I've just built a machine for my son (a professional photographer - stills) and can tell you Adobe is a resource hog like you've never seen before. I wouldn't have even considered a laptop except perhaps the Macbook Pro, which is horrendously expensive.

I did use a 250GB SSD for the operating system and Adobe, but put in two 2TB hard drives for storage. It also currently has 16GB of RAM, which doesn't seem to unduly affect performance.

You also need a fast graphics card to supplement the CPU to render the graphics.

It's not connected to the Internet intentionally, so no anti-virus software is loaded which again can slow your system to a crawl. It's a machine with one purpose - to edit photographs as quickly as possible.

It depends I suppose, whether you're going to use such a machine professionally, or whether you're just editing the occasional video. If the later, you may wish to accept slower performance for the convenience of a laptop and Internet (gaming?) capability, coupled with the overhead anti-virus software creates.

The bottom line is, buy the fastest machine you can afford, because you'll need it.

I can't comment on Widows 8 as I detest it and wouldn't go near it. As it is, Windows 7 works fine.

  Woolwell 14:54 18 Jul 2013

The information about 12Gb is basically incorrect. I have 16Gb for video editing and reckon that 32 Gb would be way OTT. Processor is important. I don't use Adobe so don't know how much RAM it would use or can use. Personally I would not use a laptop for your purpose.

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