Video Playback & Streaming in XP - Problem

  Gaz 25 00:19 25 Jan 2004

I have a problem, when I watch a streamed file it shows down the right side a greensih set of colours in rows, all the way down.

If i reset the depth of the display to 16bits it goes away for 5 seconds and comes back again.

I have reinstalled WMP 9, no luck, and also Windows XP itself.

I have the latest drivers and updates for both Nvidia card & windows.

Please can anyone help.

  Chegs ® 01:17 25 Jan 2004

Try using winamp to watch them,full screen,if it still does it,then its likely the monitor.If is goes away,then its something with WMP and the cure is already installed on your machine(as I haven't the faintest howto fix WMP)click here

  Gaz 25 03:29 25 Jan 2004


It is sure not the monitor, as it moves with the movie.

But I can play DVDs fine.

The problem seems not to be WMP XP, but Mplayer 2.

As anything plays with the line in there, I have tried different settings of hardware accelleration, no result.

I think it is my Video Card drivers, becuase refreshing the card makes it go for 5 seconds before it comes back. You see I updated them last week from ASUS'es website.


  Gaz 25 03:31 25 Jan 2004

I have not tried full screen

here is a live test, on this website click here - under videos, any video I watch under there in broadband is FINE.

If I watch it in Dial up I have the odd green lines at the sidde.

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