video to pc help

  ole1999 18:24 23 Feb 2006

Hello everyone

could someone please give me any information for connecting my video to my pc so i can put some clips on to discs etc, what exactly i need for connecting up and is it cheap and easy!

Any help would be appreciated


  martjc 18:30 23 Feb 2006 that video tape is analog while your pc is digital. You would need an AD converter. These are not, repeat NOT cheap.

It is probably possible to connect up through some kind of adaptor - someone else will help with this - but you won't get excellent results. i.e., dull sound, choppy graphics. Don't think you will be able to do it cheaply!

Good luck!

  martjc 18:35 23 Feb 2006
  ole1999 18:39 23 Feb 2006

Thanks martjc, i will check out prices of converters


  PC Bilbo 18:44 23 Feb 2006

Something like this will do it but you are talking around £120 & up

click here

  De Marcus™ 18:48 23 Feb 2006
  Arnie 18:55 23 Feb 2006

A VCR recorder should allow you record to a CD recorder via a scart lead. RCA phono to RCA phono or whatever connections are available on the recorders.
Use CDR or CDRW discs.
Once digitised it should be possible to transfer the recordings to your computer.

  Arnie 18:59 23 Feb 2006

"CD recorder". Sorry DVD recorder.

  jimv7 19:03 23 Feb 2006

video to computer, dvd maker click here

  wjrt 19:07 23 Feb 2006

you could go to Asda and get a DVD recorder for less than £70 at moment cyberhome 1600 think it is and transfer in real time without all the hassle

  phono 19:10 23 Feb 2006

Try here click here for a brand new TV Tuner / video capture card for less that £30 to your door.

I got one from the same place and I am extremely pleased with it, it does all I want it to do anyway.

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