video to pc

  Cretin07 10:58 11 Nov 2003

i have a radeon 9200 with tv out and dvi, could i possibly copy video to pc with this. or not. and also what is the dvi for?

  y_not 20:49 12 Nov 2003


  yuffy 22:20 12 Nov 2003

If you mean from the TV, you would need TV in.
The TV out is to connect your PC to a TV to view say dvd's played on your PC.
The DVI setting as far as I know is for a monitor input at least that is what I use mine for.
If you mean from a camcorder then no it won't, you really need a firewire port.

  vienna1981 22:59 12 Nov 2003

sorry to butt in on your post, but are there any websites that have a step-by-step instruction guide on how to record VHS onto PC? thanks in advance, and once again sorry for butting in!

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