video out of sync with sound

  **nada** 13:46 08 Mar 2003

When I try to burn a video cd with nero burning rom, the video and sound ends up out of sync with each other. In playback the sound is around 10 seconds ahead of the playing video. I have tried a few times, but the same results always occurs. I am writing the video cd from an avi file (divx i think).

Does anybody have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

  -pops- 14:06 08 Mar 2003

This is often caused by insufficient RAM. What is your system and how much RAM do you have?


  graham 14:07 08 Mar 2003

I've had this problem with TV cards. Can't give you any help, except to suggest that the sound and video are processed seperately, they need 'something' to keep them in sync. Anything on nero help?

  graham 14:08 08 Mar 2003

Over to you, pops.

  -pops- 14:14 08 Mar 2003

More RAM?

We don't have any details of the setup yet.


  **nada** 14:16 08 Mar 2003

I have 256 Mb RD-RAM (PC800), 1.5Ghz P4, 4xSpeed CD Writer (it's quite old!). Would I be right in saying that Nero is a little limited when it comes to writing video to cds - I noticed I didn't have many options such as for resolution when writing video cds.

  -pops- 14:20 08 Mar 2003

You are not overblessed with RAM but another thing is Nero. Is it up-to-date? Get the latest version from click here

I don't think it is limited at all.


  graham 14:27 08 Mar 2003

May be of some help, you're not alone and it's an old problem with no easy answer! Seems it is a very complex operation nero is carrying out.
click here

  **nada** 15:33 08 Mar 2003

Nero is pretty much up to date, I have version where is the latest, but I am downloading the upgrade now.

Is it normal for it take take a good few hours to encode the video. Can anybody recommend some other programs that are more customisable or is it just that I am missing something in Nero that allows you to change things like resolution/quality of the video.

  -pops- 15:37 08 Mar 2003

Yes, it does take a long time to encode video so patience is required there.

It isn't really the job of Nero to change anything on your video, it's there to write the information on to the disk. To change things you need a video editor.


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