Video on my PC is "jerky"

  toogie 09:20 30 Nov 2010

Until recently I have been able to watch BBC iPlayer and other TV on line. Now, however, the sound quality is good but the video is "jerky" as if there are misssing frames! I have uppdated to Adobe Flash Player 10.1 but the quality remains the same. I would be grateful for any ideas as watching catch-up progs. is becoming an eye strain.

  toogie 14:37 01 Dec 2010

buteman, I have checked and already have Flash Player 10 Plugin (version the latest).
I also have Flash Player 10 Active X (version in my prog. lists but not sure if I should as I do not know what it is !

  wee eddie 14:58 01 Dec 2010

1. Are you watching as it downloads.


2. Are you downloading and watching it later.

If 1. suspect the speed of your Internet Connection.

  woodchip 15:16 01 Dec 2010

Its a Download Problem, You could try rebooting your router. Leave it switched off for five minutes then restart it

  Snrub 16:28 01 Dec 2010

Have you done speed test?
Have same problem with video buffering etc after internet outage generally in my area 2 weeks ago. Complained to BT about line speed, they rung about 5 days later to advise they would increase my line speed in 72 hours but still waiting!!
Suspect BT throttling back on line speed cos so many now watching BBC i Player and ITV Player.

  toogie 11:06 02 Dec 2010

Thanks guys.
fullyfitted - I will try the XP Help solution later.
124 - I use Firefox but also occasionally IE. If I update the ActiveX will this help?
Snrub - I will also try speed test.

  Snrub 12:32 02 Dec 2010

Just an update, BT have slightly increased line speed today but still not back to the ISP average rating it was previously working at. Will see if video is working better.

  woodchip 13:11 02 Dec 2010

Try running this TCP Optimiser click here First create a backup using the program then click on Optimise button then click the okay button to optimise, reboot PC and test

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