video graphic cards.

  blackpat 18:32 29 Feb 2008

Hi, I have a 2 year old Dell pc dimension 5150, when I bought it I wasn't interested in computer games etc. so I had a cheapo intel (R) graphics card put in by Dell. Now I'm interested in virtual reality sites, I have been told that Nvidia Geforce series of video cards are great for this and are compatable with Dell. I notice a few for sale in Ebay. My question is, if I get a nvidia card, is it difficult to take the case off and change the cards, taking in mind that I havn't taken a computer cover off before. Thanks for any help and advice.

  Totally-braindead 18:42 29 Feb 2008

Found this and if its right click here you have a PCI Express slot and that gives you a lot more choice as to what to buy.

Changing cards is not that differcult but you do have to bear in mind that more powerful cards require more power and therefore you have to bear in mind whatever power supply is fitted.

As to what you should buy it depends on three things.

One the rating of your power supply although Dell have some strange way of working out their wattage and it might power the card you pick perfectly despite it perhaps being rated as too low.

Two the games you wish to play and

Three how much you are willing to spend.

  Sheik Yerbouti 18:49 29 Feb 2008

Taking the cover off and replacing a graphics card is very easy, the hard part is making sure the card you buy is compatable. Older PC's only have AGP interface for graphics, whereas newer systems will also take PCI Express cards...This is your first problem, establish the interface.

Also when handling internal PC Components, you need to be careful of static discharge.
click here

  blackpat 19:18 29 Feb 2008

Thanks Totally and Sheik, I think it may be a bit too complicated for me, I think i will have to take it to pc world or some where. My partner has a Dell laptop, with a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT and it works fine. The virtuall site I'm interested in is "Second Life". Thanks again

  T0SH 19:31 29 Feb 2008

Here is a link to the Manual for the Dell 5150 from the specification sheet for the version here is shows as having a PCI express slot but enter your service tag into support to be sure

click here

Cheers HC

  blackpat 09:52 01 Mar 2008

Thanks Tosh, I have saved the info. from the link

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