Video files constantly burning with audio out of sync? Help!!

  buel 13:58 07 Jun 2014


Please can someone help me with this extremely frustrated problem? Whenever I try to burn video files to DVD, using both 'ConvertXtoDVD' and 'Freemake Video Converter' the burned DVD is out of sync, well, the audio is out of sync with the video, only slightly but it is enough to spoil the entertainment value.

I have this problem on both computers and the only thing I can think of is that the HDs are quite full. Please can anyone else offer an explanation why I keep having this problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:28 07 Jun 2014

Usually happens when burning too fast

go into Burners settings and turn the speed down.

I do mine at 4x rather than maximum

  martd7 14:30 07 Jun 2014

Have a look on the convert x forums for out of sync audio

Are your original files in sync before conversion?

  martd7 15:04 07 Jun 2014

Also rather than burning the files to dvd,play the converted files in a compatible player VLC, see if its the conversion thats causing the sync problems or the burning

  buel 20:25 07 Jun 2014

Hi all,

Thank you (as usual). The original files are perfect. I have found that converting the file to an image/ISO and then burning to DVD worked.....I'll have to try again tomorrow but this first attempt worked fine. Apparently it's something to do with converting and burning being too much at once for some PC so converting and then burning works? I'll update tomorrow!!

  martd7 21:58 07 Jun 2014

Thats a bit of a round about way of doing it,convert x has its own burner inbuilt,it should work

if not,convert files in convert x and use imageburn to burn to disk

  buel 07:08 08 Jun 2014

Wow.....highly annoyingly, and weirdly, the DVD still played out of sync on my DVD player so was furious as I thought I'd tested it on my PC and all seemed then I tested it back in my PC and it was 100% fine???

The DVD player plays other DVDs just fine with no audio problems but plays these recently burnt DVDs with the audio out of sync. What on earth could this be, please??

  martd7 08:58 08 Jun 2014

Poor quality discs ? What burn speed are u using? Id recommend 4x

Have u changed anything in your set up recently? Different blank dvds?,new dvd player,different software to convert and burn?

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