Video file sizes

  Swampy 09:14 01 Apr 2007

Hi all,

I have a new digital still camera. The video clip function saves in Quicktime format. The file sizes seem quite large. Would a different file type be more compressed and therefore smaller. If so, how would I convert to the new type? Obviously video is not the cameras main function and so I'm not expecting cinema quality. It would be good to be able to get the file size down in order to send to other people.

I use a PC with XP. Thanks all.

  MAJ 09:17 01 Apr 2007

Try MOV TO AVI click here

  Swampy 10:24 01 Apr 2007

Thanks MAJ. I've downloaded the program and had a little play. Seems to work well.

  MAJ 10:31 01 Apr 2007

Are you getting much compression on the mov files, Swampy?

  anchor 14:31 01 Apr 2007

You say you are thinking about sending the movie to others; possibly by e-mail?.

AVI files are still very large; no problem if you are burning them to CD to send. Much too big for an e-mail.

You could import the AVI files into Windows movie maker, edit it if necessary, and convert to a WMV file, with whatever compression you wish. It can be good quality, with a much smaller size, and easily play in Windows media player.

  Swampy 17:18 01 Apr 2007

MAJ. As an example, one file is in widescreen (16:9)mode and 30 frames per second. It is only 20 seconds long but is over 35Mb. Not sure how you tell what the compression is, sorry.

  Swampy 17:23 01 Apr 2007

Anchor. Sending short clips by email would be good. I could try converting them to WMV and see what happens. I also want to put some short clips on my web site and so a small size would be ideal.
Thanks for the responses both of you. It's all extremely helpful and interesting.

  anchor 17:52 01 Apr 2007

Just to give an idea of how file sizes of videos can be reduced; here is a 1 minute example I have just prepared. The total file size is 942Kb.

click here

Of course, less compression gives better results.

  Swampy 05:32 02 Apr 2007

Thanks Anchor. I really must get on top of this as that example was really good. I have lots of memory for the camera and so taking a few short videos isn't a problem, but being able to convert them to that sort of size would be so useful. Thanks again.

  MAJ 08:17 02 Apr 2007

35MBs is huge for a 20sec video clip in mov format, swampy. That's a good idea that Anchor has, but be aware that WMM wont accept mov files directly so you will have to convert to avi first. Remember too that you can reduce the physical size of output video, if need be, to get the file size down a little further.

  anchor 09:12 02 Apr 2007


It appears that you have already successfully converted MOV to AVI with the programme MAJ suggested.

You can import the resultant AVI file into WMM, and play around with it from there. The final image size and compression can be selected. Experiment and observe the results.

As a bonus, Windows Movie Maker is free.

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