Video editing software ... Which one?

  kinger 20:26 12 Oct 2004

I'm about to get involved with using a camcorder to make a masterpiece with my ten year old son, who's suddenly taken an interest in making movies with my cheap and cheerful Vivitar camera.

I'm purchasing a proper Sony camcorder which comes with a pathetic piece of editing software.

Can anyone advise on any new, up to date, software to use for this purpose, please.

I've never been involved with video editing before, so don't really knonw what's best. Obviously I need something for beginners with a chance to advance, should we get there.

Any advise would be appreciated, thanks.

  JonnyTub 20:31 12 Oct 2004

My sonic dvd is a good bit of software for your purposes.

  kinger 21:06 12 Oct 2004

Looking at myDVD Studio 6.0, as it is now (Adaptec sold to Sonic, I notice) seems the best of the bunch.

Not too expensive at just £87.00, downloadable too.

Thanks for the good advice, Jonny.


  Mundy 22:53 12 Oct 2004

Before parting with your hard earned dosh why not try a video editing software for free?

Microsoft MovieMaker is a great programme for the novice or expert, and its free... comes with XP but don't forget to upgrade to MovieMaker 2 a free download from MS is all that is required from click here


If you don't have XP and you were prepared to fork out £87 then I would suggest it would be better spent buying an XP upgrade.

  JonnyTub 22:58 12 Oct 2004

I'd have to agree with mundy, i got my sonic free with my dvd writer, so explore free alternatives first.

  kinger 19:51 13 Oct 2004

Thanks People, great help.

  easyrider 19:57 13 Oct 2004

I know you have resolved this but you could also try Pinnacle studio 9 which is about £59.00.I`ve been using it since version 7 and found it quite easy to use.

  PUNKA 21:12 13 Oct 2004

Is all you need and I will tell you why. Last month my mate and his girlfriend got hitched in Gretna Green. No photographer turned up, and very worried parents looked for alternative.I took my camcorder along purely for my own use.Prompted by the Wife I suggested I film it (with no promise about the outcome, being a novice)Filmed it got it back (what now ?) came on this site looked at earlier posts and proceeded to do the business. (look out Tarantino)turned out finally to be quite a little movie with rolling stones background music (wild horses for some reason)and after making copies for both sets of parents saved the day. (expecting oscar anyday) but seriously, it really is a question of sitting down and having a go, if the worst happens come back on the forum we will endeavour to get you up there with the greats, good luck Quentin mk2.

  Mundy 17:06 15 Oct 2004

that when/if you install SP2 this will automatically upgrade MovieMaker to version 2.1

  [email protected] 19:36 18 Dec 2004

Having read all this, Im still curious as to my problem with loss of quality can be resolved. Ive got a Sony DCR9E Camcorder, which comes with very little software. Ive used Movie Maker and purchased Power Producer- both return less-than-perfect dvd versions of the original. On VCD creation, the Sony looks no better than the Aipek DV2 I brought 2 years ago! Is there something Im missing? By the way, Im using Firewire to the pc, so the loss in quality isnt due to USB2.

  kinger 12:33 19 Dec 2004

Having used Sonic MyDVD Studio 6.0 for some weeks (see above postings) it seems to have some terrible inbuilt problems that bring the support team to give standard answers ending in uninstalling the program and then re-installing it and "starting all over again" with your project.

My two major projects just happened to take me days of work on each one. They are now lost because there is no way to burn them to disc, as each attempt causes error alerts that even support can't pin down.

They take, literally, weeks to answer your problems on their support system, which, I must admit, is very high tech but takes too long.

Menu systems when building slide shows on DVD are horrendous to sort out with constant error alerts, and you can forget about any larger projects for CDV as they crash when you finally (after aforementioned several days work) click on 'Burn'.

How disappointing it is when it refuses to burn to CD. It's not as if you can transfer the project to another program because no other program recognises the Sonic MyDVD format.

I've wasted too much time and effor on this program and would not recommend it to anyone without plenty of technial know how, and patience.

If Sonic technical support can't sort a specific problem then what chance do customers have?

Uninstall and re-install for every query? .. is this just an easy way out of a program with serious problems, I Ask myself.

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