Video editing a recording from an old camcorder

  johnincrete 08:11 19 Jan 2018

I have an old Samsung VR-D383EDC camcorder that records onto mini-tapes. I have not used it for many years. The last time was when I had my old computer running XP into which I fitted a Firewire card. After that much loved PC died of old age (about 17years old) I bought a new PC that came with Windows 10 already loaded. The video editing software I used was Adobe Premier Elements but when I tried to load this software, it tells me that it wont work on Windows 10. I bought a connector that has USB on one end and a Firewire socket on the other for 9 Euros rather that get a Firewire card for 40 Euros. (Computer stuff in Greece is massively more expensive than UK) AS soon as I connected the camcorder cable only, I got a message saying power surge on the USB port. The stuff I recorded on the camcorder is precious and I want to load it to the PC, edit it and then burn a DVD. I have looked a three sites in UK and see that there are many different Firewire cards and I do not have the ability to see which I need. Questions: 1. Has anyone any experience of these USB-Firewire connectors? 2. If connector does not work, can someone recommend a Firewire card? 3. Can anyone recommend video editing software that will run under Windows 10 and is not expensive and which will load clips from a mini tape like Elements so easily did. I don't want to spend too much because next video recording will be on my smart phone or I will get a new digital camcorder.

  hastelloy 09:23 19 Jan 2018

I use Premier Elements 13 on Windows 10 without any problem.

  johnincrete 13:33 19 Jan 2018

locally Elements costs 142 Euros so too expensive. Still looking for advice on Firewire

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