Video Editing Problems

  AlanHo 12:45 21 Feb 2006

I have acquired a 2 year old computer to use for video editing. It was a special edition made by Evesham 2 years ago with twin processors and two LCD monitors bundled with Pinnacle Edition video editing software.

Hardware spec as follows

XP Pro SP2
CPU – Dual Athlon MP2200+ processors. Socket A
Motherboard Asus A7M266-D
512 Mb SDRAM
Graphics – Dual output ATI Radeon 9550 128 Mb plus Radeon 9550 128 Mb secondary
Hard drives – 40 Gb primary, 120 Gb secondary for video storage
Two 15” LCD Monitors 1024 x 768
Firewire and USB2 ports

The pinnacle software has proved to be very unstable – with regular lock-ups and system crashes. I therefore installed a trial version of Adobe Premier Elements version 1 bundled with a magazine – which proved to be OK. This encouraged me to buy a full version – but in the shops it is now version 2 which I imagined would be better. However – the new software will not install – advising that the processor does not support SSE2 which is required for the programme to run. Looking on the web I see that SSE2 is an instruction set invented by Intel to facilitate graphics handling and adopted by AMD in their newest processors. I cannot complain about Adobe because it clearly stated on the box that SSE2 was a requirement – but in my ignorance I did not understand the significance. I am therefore not able to use my new (second-hand) toy until I resolve the problem.

Hence I need to upgrade the computer with an up-to-date processor and possibly new graphics for trouble free video editing. I will not use the computer for any other purpose and will definitely not be playing any games on it. It would be nice if the machine was capable of handling HDTV when I upgrade my video camera at a later date.

Not being a computer buff – I have some questions.

I imagine that I will need a new motherboard to accommodate the more powerful CPU(s).
Do I really need two processors or will one more powerful one suffice.
What to go for – AMD or Intel.
What minimum memory should I go for.
Will the present graphics card be OK or does it need a later one – if so which model. I wish to retain dual monitors.

I wish to spend the minimum possible to achieve a satisfactory result - any suggestions would be appreciated.

  AlanHo 11:42 01 Aug 2006

I determined that I would have to change the motherboard to be able to use a suitable cpu. I have not yet taken the plunge.

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