Video Editing - Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus

  Madaro 21:19 31 Aug 2005

I have a PC manufactured in 2001 by Star Computers, it has an Athlon AMD (™) processor running at 1.33MHz, with 256 synchronous unit back cache. The motherboard is a Gigabyte Technology Co.LTD 7DX with 2x 133MHz FSB. It has 256 Mb of DDR-SDRAM. It has two 40Gb hard drives: C for Systems & D for Video Editing. It runs Windows 98 SE. There is no separate Video card. I use a Canon XM1 for Video capturing.
I am experiencing problems with Pinnacle Studio Nine Plus.
While capturing, it drops 1 or 2 frames, then at random, 20, 40, or even 60.
When using the overlay track, the clip keeps playing the full length however much it is shortened.
When trying to use Smart Sound, it no longer finds the "Style", in the drop down menu, but comes up with the message "Please insert the Pinnacle Studio Plus CD or Smart Sound Audio Palette CD". Inserting the Studio Plus CD has no effect. If I click on SmartSound ®, I get into a "Quicktracks" Menu. This offers me the opportunity to "Rebuild Smart Sound libraries" - "would you like to rebuild the SmartSound database now?" On clicking "Yes", I get "Found 25 Potential Music Files - processing 1 to 25" - but nothing happens. I have found the missing Smart Sound tracks at "C:\Windows\All Users\ApplicationsData\Smart Sound Systems." I have tried copying these to the Studio 9 Folder, but still I can`t get Smart Sound to appear in the drop down menu so that I can use it. It was there when I first installed Studio Nine Plus but has got itself lost somehow. I just want it back.
Also, the Program frequently crashes - at random, usually giving nonsensical reasons. When capturing, I not only close down all running programs except Explorer & Systray, but also physically disconnect both the USB & Printer cables. I also have DMA enabled & Write Behind Caching disabled. I have uninstalled & re-installed the program several times - all to no effect. When running both Studio 7 & 8 I had very few problems. Friends of mine that I have recommended to use Studio 9 Plus & are running on Windows XP are not having any noticeable problems (& they frequently have very little computer knowledge) - all of which is rather exasperating!
Any advice you can offer will be gratefully received.

  lixdexik 22:17 31 Aug 2005

Minimum System Requirements...

Intel® Pentium® or AMD® Athlon® 800 MHz or higher (1.5 GHz or higher recommended)

256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)

Windows® 98SE, "Millennium", 2000, XP (Windows XP recommended.

MicroMV support and dual layer DVD burning require Windows XP)

DirectX® 9 or higher compatible graphics card (ATI Radeon™ or NVIDIA® GeForce™ 2 or higher recommended)

DirectX 9 or higher compatible sound card

500 MB of disk space to install software
CD-ROM drive
- CD burner for creating Video CDs or Super Video CDs
- DVD burner drive for creating DVDs
- DVD drive is necessary if you wish to install the bonus DVD containing tutorial, electronic manual and bonus content (free version on CD-ROMs may be ordered on Pinnacle e-store - shipping charges apply)

Sound card with surround sound output required for preview of surround sound mixes
- 16:9 compatible camcorder for capture of 16:9 video

I think win xp with sp1 at least is the answer.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  bosmere 10:35 01 Sep 2005

lixdexik difficult to read but I think Madaros spec meets the minimum requirements - not much different to mine, running ME, and I have no problems with Studio 9 Plus.

Madaro have you sufficient space left on your D drive?

Was this a Studio 9 upgrade?

When uninstalling/reinstalling did you clear out Studio 8, auxillary files, SmartSound etc?

Try their Help-Technical Support via their website - I've found them very helpful in the past.

  scotty 11:14 01 Sep 2005

Most likely cause for the dropped frames will be a program running in the background. Switch of progs such an anti-virus and firewall while you are performing data capture.

  woodchip 14:14 01 Sep 2005

Have you downloaded the latest updates, it's big takes it to some version 9.4?

  dexstar 19:27 01 Sep 2005

Don't do 9.4!
Well, i find 9.4 just doesn't work on my PC at all.
Performance is sluggish, timeline doesn't scrub, and just general rubbish.
9.35 works fine for me (except I can't import MPG VOB's obviously)

  johndrew 14:38 17 Nov 2005

Iam also using Pinnacle Studio Plus 9.0 and it keeps freezing. However I can find and use all the unlocked features.

My machine has XP Pro, AMD 64 3500+, Asus A8N SLI Deluxe motherboard, 2GB DDR-SDRAM, 2x250 GB HDD and 2x NVidia 660GT graphics cards.

Similarly to Madaro I shut all exteraneous programs, but Pinnacle grabs the memory at an alarming rate. Task Manager has shown it using >184,000K at the point it showed it `Not Responding`.

Could there be some similarity?

  David4637 18:48 18 Nov 2005

I use V943 on XP SP2 with little problems. It does occassionally freeze/shutdown for no apparent reason but overall, the editting of VOB to MPG files makes this version worthwhile using. David

  €dstowe 18:52 18 Nov 2005

Because of many problems (including the ones you are experiencing) I gave up with Pinnacle for video editing.

I now use pro software but I found that Intervideo WinDVD Creator much more reliable and much easier to use than any Pinnacle product I tried.

Have a look click here

  Chegs ®™ 19:02 18 Nov 2005

My Studio 9 was constantly ceasing rendering after anything from a few seconds to minutes.I uninstalled/reinstalled/registry cleaned/returned to v8(which gave no bother when last used)only for the same problem to remain.I tried umpteen different ways to get the job done,but nowt worked.I read a bit on Studio users forum where it was suggested to try the update again,which I duly did only for the problem to get worse.

I eventually d/l another update file(despite my PC stating I had already got this file)and the freezing ceased,I got my video editted/rendered,etc and I only hope that next time I come to use Studio,it doesn't "chuck its toys out" again.

I also see that v10's out now,typical!

  Bagsey 19:59 18 Nov 2005

I believe that your trouble with Pinnacle Studio 9 stems from the fact that your computer is not really up to the job. You are using win98se which does not support firewire which is the de facto standard for video capture. USB is known to cause many problems such as dropped frames as you descibe.Even USB2 is suspect. So look to your machine.Also if you want advice try click here and click here

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