Video Editing - PC requirements?

  stanstanger 16:57 22 Mar 2004

Hi all,

I am about to start editing some holiday videos using studio version 7. I have an 80GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM and a pentium 4 is this adequate to say, edit and store, whilst editing a 3hr (to be trimmed to possibly 90mins) of video. Can anybody suggest any further upgrades to improve performance for this task? I have tried with a lower spec pc with a 1hr video but the system seemed to hang a lot.



  961 17:02 22 Mar 2004

Although you don't mention the speed of the processor a Pentium 4 should be adequate. I am supposing you have a firewire connection with dv in and out to the videocamera for the actual editing.

The main problem is going to be the size of the hard disk even if there is not much on it already, but if you do the project in stages even this may well be ok. Having said that a new 120gb disk is not expensive these days

  JerryJay 17:13 22 Mar 2004

First step: Get a bigger and faster HardDrive with 8MB cache, this HDD will be used to video file only.

Your Ram is plenty.

Second step: If money is no objection to you, then get a special Video editing card for realtime editing Matrox RT.X 100 Xtreme Pro Suite £786 click here, RT2500 Video Editing Software Suite £616 click here, Matrox used to have cheap one RT.X10, but cannot find now.

You may also upgrade to fastest P4 CPU, but speial video editing card will out perform any fast CPU.

  scotty 17:13 22 Mar 2004

Pinnacle Studio v9 was recently released and an upgrade is available for £34.20. I have heard that the latest version is more stable and should hang less often.

For your finished masterpieces I highly recommend you burn them to DVD. You are far more likely to watch it on DVD because of the convenience and the ability to skip forward from scene to scene quickly.

  JerryJay 17:16 22 Mar 2004

Just track down Matrox RT.X 10 Suite Realtime Video Editing Card Retail inc Adobe Premiere Pro/EncoreDVD/Audition for you £480 from Scan click here. If you really want to save time, this is the best solution.

  stanstanger 18:27 22 Mar 2004

cheers guys much appreciated

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