Video editing and hard disk space

  faith5 21:07 17 Mar 2004

I have heard that it is advisable to have a dedicated hard disk for video editing (I mainly burn DVD's).

Can anyone please advise me what would the dedicated disk be used for? To capture files only before editing and burning or would you put all of your capturing/editing/authoring software on this disk aswell?

Or what about having one large disk and partitioning?

What I am really asking is whether or not it is beneficial enough to make a difference your finished disk?

  Bagsey 22:58 17 Mar 2004

My experience has led me to use a dedicated HD for all work involved in video editing.Video editing software is notoriously sensative to glitches and clashes with other software so I keep all of my video work isolated from my main work. On my last computer I had my HDs in caddies and changed to the the HD that I wished to use. You should also try to get the Biggest HD that you can afford as video is very disc hungery. Also run xp on an NTFS formatted HD to avoid the file size limitation of win 98 etc.

  faith5 01:08 20 Mar 2004

Many thanks for your advice.

I think I will go for this type of set up.

There is one more thing I am still not sure about and that is advice given about defragmenting. Should this be done after capture and before encoding? Or is the advice meant to be to make sure you defrag before capture so that you have a clean disk to work with?

If it is the former, defragging takes such a long time and the encoding process takes so long anyway, is it really going to make any noticeable difference to the quality?

  dogtrack 05:28 20 Mar 2004


  Bagsey 10:05 20 Mar 2004

If you start with a clean set i.e. a new HD then you will not need to defrag until after you have had several Videos edited to it. However it is good policy and [practice to defrag after you have cleared out you old projects to free up HD space. I admit that it is a time consuming action. I usually start my defrags going at about midnight just before I go to bed and it is usually finished by morning, that way I am not stressed out waiting for it to finish.

  Rogerfredo 11:00 20 Mar 2004

If you delete all files after committing them to DVD, you should not need to defrag regularly, as any new files will overwrite the old fragments.

  JGG 12:03 20 Mar 2004

Another method perhaps?
If you use a second hard drive of say 80gb partitioned to give you a couple of areas to work within, say 40/20/20gb, then you can simply format the 'working' partition from within 'My computer' and you have a clean partition for the next new project. Assuming of course you have saved the original edited footage to one of the other partitions or burned it to disc, there is no need to defrag the working partitions since you start with a clean partition for each project. There is no need to delete the stuff you don't want because formatting clears it. Formatting a partition is quicker than defragging?

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