Video editing

  Tempest1 20:02 09 Mar 2003

Im wanting to transfer video from my camcorder to my pc for editing and saving to cd.Cd writer is already installed sytem is XP1700, OS XP Pro,512 DDR,100gb disc and Radeon 64 DDR graphics card.What else do I need to carry out operation.

  NotsoNewuser 20:39 09 Mar 2003

You will need editing software. Pinnacle and
U-Lead are two reasonably priced ones.
Check if your graphics card can handle input/output of video. Graphics cards that can do this, I believe, usually come equipped with the necessary connection wiring (mine did anyway). If your camcorder is digital you will need a firewire connection. If it's analogue use the other connections to the graphics card. Hard drive must be fast enough to process the data, UDMA 5400 or 7200. As you have a 100gb h/d could make sense to partition this ( usually 2 h/d recommended) and use the partitioned area just for in/out and storage of the video data.

  JimTigg 13:58 04 Apr 2003
  Belatucadrus 14:17 04 Apr 2003

click here For some freeware video editing tools including Zwei Stein.

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