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  ElayEss 14:12 02 Jan 2010

Hi Guys
I've recently had some old super8 cine films converted into a video and stored on a DVD. Unfortunately the recordings are not in chronological order.
Is it possible to (cheaply) edit these files and rearrange them into their proper order and then produce a universally playable DVD?
If so, how, and what software would be required?
I'm running XP Pro.

  jamesd1981 15:32 02 Jan 2010

you should be able to extract the files off the dvd store them on your pc then rename accordingly to whatver order you want them in you could no. them if you want i.e. 1 then file name 2 then file name and so on or ive never done it but i dare say you could name them starting with the date then when your finished use windows dvd maker or movie maker as i think its called on xp to make another dvd to which you could add an audio to play along with the dvd.

  eedcam 18:36 02 Jan 2010

What format are they in on the dvd if as normal dvd that will already play on a standalone player

  ElayEss 11:26 03 Jan 2010

Hi James & Eedcam
The folder on the DVD is named VIDEO_TS and contains 8 files.
5 of the files are less than 60KB, 3 of them are VIDEO_TS.BUP, .IFO & .VOB, the other 2 are VTS_01_0.BUP, & .IFO.
The remaining 3 files are 1GB, 1GB and 379MB and are all .VOB files labelled VTS_01_1, _2, and _3.
I assume these last 3 are the ones to play around with.
Does MM2 read VOB files OK? as I have read that VOB files need converting to MPEG before importing to MM2?

  David4637 14:24 03 Jan 2010

I DON't think MM2 will import a VOB, at least not the version in XP. You may need s/w such as Pinnacle Studio, or convertion s/w, but wait for someone more knowledgeable, its quite a complex subject. David

  Les28 14:58 03 Jan 2010

If you just want to arrange in chronological order maybe the free DVD Shrink program, have a look online for version 3.2 dvd shrink, used in Re-Author mode would be the easiest and then save the new authored dvd video ts folder to your hard drive and later burn that with whatever dvd video burning software you have.

If you have Nero software for burning disks you could also do the rearranging in Nero Vision, as that accepts VOB input and either create a new video ts folder that way or just burn direct to disk from Nero.

WMM can be a bit fussy over accepting mpeg2 input, you can always try just renaming the file extension from vob to mpg, WMM may accept it, I'm assuming these are the three vob files VTS 01,2,3, you've dragged from the disk to your hard drive for renaming purposes and in My Documents, Tools/Folder Options/View tab unticked Hide extensions for all known file types, so you can see the .VOB extension to change. Maybe best to just try it out with one first and see if the file extension change allows input into WMM.
VOB and mpeg2 are the same essentially it's just that the VOB is a wrapped version of mpeg2, the ifo and bup files telling the video player how to play the video, so no harm in extracting the VOB video files alone, the big ones and trying the extension change to mpg, as when you make a new video ts folder new ifo and bup files relevant to the new dvd video will be made.

Normally to change mpeg2 into an acceptable format for input into WMM I input the mpeg2 or VOB into the free Virtual Dub Mpeg2 program and after previously installing the Panasonic dv codec, output as DV-AVI format which WMM will accept, however as you only need to do limited editing DVD Shrink should be adequate.

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  ElayEss 15:44 03 Jan 2010

Thanks for that Les, I'll go through that, giving each a try. It may well take me some time.

  eedcam 16:30 03 Jan 2010

Elayiss all you need is DVD shrink its freejust open your dvd in it click on reauthor theren in the right hand pane drag the 1st or main title over to the left hand pane then at the top RH corner there are 2 opposing arrows ckick on that and you will have a start and finish editing box come up you thern seclt the start point and the end point click ok and you will have that clip in your LH pane keep dragging the original title over and do the same again until you have what you want.Then al you need to do is click backup and choose whether to just make a folder or disc image or both \nas d burn 'It usually burns with nero a default
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  eedcam 16:31 03 Jan 2010

Sorry Les missed you had suggested Shrink

  Les28 16:44 03 Jan 2010

Hi eedcam, you're probably right Shrink would be the easiest, am suggesting a few other options as well, to really confuse things !

I didn't mention another possiblity that of downloading a trial version of a video editing program, quite often they're fully functioning time limited trials usually of 15 or 30 days.
Virtually all video editing progs allow vob or mpeg2 input for editing, maybe something like Arcsoft Showbiz DVD, Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, there's plenty out there just do a search for video editing programs.

The Virtual Dub Mpeg2 way explained here, using Dub Mpeg2 and preinstalling the Panasonic dv codec to your pc and using Dub to convert the video to dv-avi which WMM will accept, should save you having to download a trial vid editing prog and just use WMM.
It mentions WMM6 and Vista but it works OK for me with WMM2 on XP.

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  eedcam 18:47 03 Jan 2010

Hi Les yes video redo is a fully working trial and pretty good if files are problematic or sound sync out .Though for basic cutting from dvd I can do it faster in shrink and did a 6 hour show last weekend with about 2 hours adverts throughout.Shrink also keeps it in the same fomat .Going to Dv avi at 13 G/byte per hour then back to mpeg for dvd lot of bother Ha1

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