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  Woodmouse 12:22 16 Apr 2004

Windows XP Home Edition, 1.8Ghz CPU, ATI Radeon 6900 Pro Graphics Card, 1Gb Ram. Recording TV program using Leadtek Winfast TV2000 XP Deluxe. Original capture is OK, but after editing and rendering with Pinnacle Studio 8 or other video editing packages, the final file has a sound sync problem. After a few seconds, the sound begins to lag behind the picture. I have E-Mailed Leadtek, but as yet have had no reply. Any ideas?

  pj123 13:14 16 Apr 2004

Have the same problem. Pinnacle told me to upgrade to version 8.12 from their website. I did that but, so far, have noticed very little difference. However, I was burning to CDs as a VCD. I now have a DVD burner and although I have so far only made one DVD and the sound sync seems to be OK.

  scotty 13:38 16 Apr 2004

One possibility is that OOS occurs if individual clips are long (say >15min). Try editing using short clips and edit these together.

pj, this may be why your results are better with DVD as you break the video up into chapters.

  pj123 16:57 16 Apr 2004

scotty. You may be right about long clips as the default size with Studio 8 is it changes when the scene changes. I think that can be altered to change scenes after a given amount of time though.

Re my VCD versus DVD I used the same avi file to burn to DVD as I did for the VCD. Still took about 5 hours to completion though.

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