4472 21:15 23 Sep 2004

Has anyone any experience of connecting a bog standard video player to the PC to copy analogue video tapes to DVD. Was the Quality OK? what Video card did you use? are there any pit falls?

Also has anyone connected the PC to a TV to watch DVD? again what to look out for?

Thanks in advance (hopefully)

  y_not 21:32 23 Sep 2004

I have a video player connected to an ATI graphics card and often copy old home movies to HDD.

Obviously you need the software to capture the images (Studio 9).

As for the quality every copy will reduce the quality of the image but I don't think that its noticeable. Once copied the .avi files are quite big and a bit "blocky" but once authored for DVD they are fine.

Connecting PC to TV seems more trouble than its worth - I suggest a cheap DVD player (maybe 40 quid) is a lot less hassle.

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