Video driver needed

  s99Raj 18:46 17 Aug 2004

Can anyone help me find a video driver please? I've had a go with Google but no luck so far.
It's for a computer running Windows 98SE.

On the card there's a chip on which is written :


and another one on which is written :


  jonnytub 18:49 17 Aug 2004

identify the cards by using something like click here belarc which will tell you what you have, from what you've listed it's a little difficult to tell other that the conexant is more than likely an internal modem.

  bremner 18:51 17 Aug 2004

This might help click here

It is the Winbond bit you are looking for

  bremner 18:56 17 Aug 2004

The conexant is the TV Out chip on the graphics card

  jonnytub 18:59 17 Aug 2004

you learn something new everyday, i wasn't aware conexant made anything other than modems ;-)

regards jonny

  bremner 19:02 17 Aug 2004

Neither did I until I saw this earlier click here

  s99Raj 19:17 17 Aug 2004

You're right, bremner. The Conexant must be the TV Out chip.

I've managed to sort out the driver situation by loading NVidia/TNT drivers from the NVidia site, and it works perfectly now. Cheers.

(I should have turned the card over first, where it quite clearly says it's a TNT card.)

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