video direct to it possible?

  bigboab y 12:37 08 Dec 2003

Just bought a Sony TRV 245e camcorder.. comes with Sony Image mixer there a way to copy the dv output DIRECT to my rewriter? I have the firewire card set up and waiting,and can get the video output ( AVI??) on to my hard drive but uses huge amounts of space which my hard drive doesnt have (about 6 gigs available).Just wondered if it was possible via some magic software or is a larger hard drive the ONLY answer.... cheers guys/gals

  bigboab y 12:39 08 Dec 2003

Meant to say I have trawled through all "video" postings on here and can't see the answer (well mibbe its there somewhere but I cant see it DUH!!)

  hugh-265156 13:10 08 Dec 2003

convert it to vcd or svcd using tmpgenc click here this format will take up a lot less space and allow you to burn to cdr.

lots of faq`s click here

  stlucia 13:28 08 Dec 2003

The editing software I use (Pinnacle DV) allows you to initially download .avi from the camera in "preview" mode and then, after you've created your finished movie and want to save it as an MPEG, it will retrieve the full-quality data direct from the camera without putting it onto your HDD.

Probably other editing software has the same feature.

  bigboab y 19:22 08 Dec 2003

Think I've cracked it thanks to your help..I dug out Ulead Video studio 5 disc from my coasters box .. I downloaded about 45 seconds of video which used approx. 4 megs per second of my HDD..I then ran that software linked above TMPG thing (written in emperors english BTW) and it shrunk it down to 8 megs !!! Now looking into whether my Ulead fingy can do similar Thanks for your help guys and gals

  stlucia 09:01 09 Dec 2003

All editing software will compress the .avi file into MPEG, but that is normally done after you've finished your editing (fades, dissolves, titles, music, etc.).

Downloading a bit at a time and compressing it into MPEG (and then deleting the original .avi) is one way to get over your space problem, but only if you don't want to edit your movie: I don't think you can edit your movie after it's been compressed into an MPEG file and, if you can, I'm sure that you will lose quality. That's why Pinnacle retrieves original data off the camera tape (if you've downloaded "preview" quality data onto your HDD) to create the MPEG file after you've finished your editing. Check if Ulead allows you to work the same way, for I think that's the only proper way to do it if your disk space is limited.

Others should be able to advise you in more depth.

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