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Video conversion speed

  Overdosal 15:27 16 Apr 2015

Good day everybody! I have a question that bothers me. Recently, I purchased a new laptop - HP 15 Notebook PC. Here are the basic technical characteristics: System Name: HP 15 Notebook PC,Processor Name: AMD A6-5200 APU (quad-core, 2GHz) with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics, BIOS Name: F.32, Video card Name: AMD Radeon HD 8400 Installed Memory: 4.00 GB, Windows Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1. Also, I still have my 4-year old laptop Samsung RV-511. It has Intel Pentium P6200 2.13 GHz (dual-core), Operating System - Windows XP SP3.

I have installed AXARA Video Converter 3.5.2 on both computers, made absolutely identical settings in the program on both computers. Still, the older dual-core was converting video THREE times faster that the new quad! What the reason it might be? Please help in finding the answer!

  Jollyjohn 19:16 17 Apr 2015

W8 is resource hungry, leaving less for the video conversion. You don't mention how much RAM is installed in XP. Have a look in task manger and compare performance figures, at idle, between the two laptops.

  Ian in Northampton 20:51 17 Apr 2015

Depending on how the software was designed, it may be that it was originally optimised for the way XP works. Have you installed different versions of the software - or just got the XP version to run under W8? And: although the newer processor is theoretically more powerful, if the software can't take advantage of four cores...

And, as Jj says, W8 is known to be a bit of a resource hog.

  Overdosal 15:37 11 Jul 2015

Thanks everybody very much! Very reasonable explanations I have got.

  martd7 20:28 11 Jul 2015

If you use vso "convert x to dvd",you can choose how many cores to use and the programs priority when encoding

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