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  GBL 09:31 01 Mar 2005

I have just put a replacement HDD into a spare computer and loaded Win XP, but when I first power up I get a message;- Plug and Play Configuration Error.
I have also noticed that in Device Manager the Video Controller is not working.

What is that and what can I do.
Is it something to do with the Graphics card, as I do not haver any drivers.

  Bleep 09:58 01 Mar 2005

What graphics card is it? when you identify if its ATI or NVIDIA you can just go to their website and own load them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:00 01 Mar 2005

Video controller is to do with graphics what card do you have?

Plug and play may need to be set in BIOS but problem may go away if video controller sorted.

  GBL 10:06 01 Mar 2005

That is just it I don't know what Graphics card is fitted, is there aprogram i can run or anyway to find out, then maybe get the driver from the internet.

The Bios does not show anything for P & P, very scant, only two pages of it.
The only thing i altered was to change the boot up sequence, but have since put that back now that XP is installed.
The updated driver for the Mainboard will not load for some reason.

  Bleep 20:03 01 Mar 2005

click here Run this

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