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  Audeal 22:34 28 May 2003

I am about to build up a new computer, for which it will be used for Video Capture and Editing only. I intend to purchase from Ebuyer.

Some advice on the parts needed would be welcome from some of you "experts" out there.

I am looking for advice on the best make for a 2.5gig (or thereabouts) processor along with the appropriate Motherboard to support it.

The best fan and the best type of ram to use. I think that 500meg should be enough. What do you think?

I have just purchased a 7200rpm, 120gig Hdd with 8meg cache, so this is the first stage in the build. The above are the most important items I need to know about right now.

I will be using windows 98se OS with this as my Matrox Marvel G200 card is not compatible with XP. This will be upgraded in time, but I will need to use it in the mean time.

Any advice given by anyone would be gratefully received. Audeal.

  LastChip 22:50 28 May 2003

I suggest you read this click here

It's well worth the effort!

  Audeal 23:04 28 May 2003

Agent Smith. I have spent most of the afternoon and evening reading the posts, they do not realy help as so many of them are simmilar in what they say in each post.

LastChip. Thanks for that link. I have Bookmarked it for now as I am to busy to read it all at the moment, later I will have more time.

  Audeal 00:31 29 May 2003

Mysticnas. Many thanks for your usefully comments. I assume you are into video editing and therefore know what you are talking about. Much of what you say makes sense to me but there are some things which do not, especially these codes they use, such as FSB.

Is such a large scratch disk really necessary? I would have thought that partitioning a drive, namely the 120gig drive, giving it a partition of 10gig for installing the OS and all the programs to be used for the editing, which should be enough, and the rest, namely 110gig (in theory at least, but not necessarily in practice) would be used for storing the captured footage on. This would also be used for the scratch disk. But I can see that the more footage on the disk the less room for the scratch disk. This makes sense, but would such a large scratch disk be necessary? Would 30 or 40gig be enough as I have one available or could buy one.

Also what type of ram would you recommend? there are two types that I can see, namely DDR and DIMM, is one better than the other?

By the way, I have Windows XP Pro for my main OS ( a duel boot system ) and Win 98se for the editing. I have had much trouble getting this system to work properly as it keeps dropping to many frames. I now have Adobe Premier 7.

I can not see your board on Ebuyer so I will have to look at something else, any suggestions?

  Audeal 10:42 29 May 2003


  Audeal 19:04 29 May 2003


  Audeal 19:17 29 May 2003

The Sack. Thanks for those two links. I will be looking at them very carefully. My son has been using ebuyer for some time without any trouble, I guess it is just being lucky or unlucky. I purchased my 120gig drive from them and that was OK. Just lucky I guess. Thanks.

  Audeal 21:23 29 May 2003

Mysticnas. Thanks for your reply. Do you think that 40gig is sufficiant for a scratch disk. I do value your oppinion. I thought of having 3 drives installed. One for the operating system and other software, one for the storage of the footage and one for the scratch disk. Is the edited footage placed on the same drive as the footage or placed on a different drive. I will still have space for the DVDRW. What is your oppinion on this idea?

Also, I am still confused about which Motherboard to get as there are so many options open to me, they are so confusing. Which would you recomend.

Many thanks.

  Audeal 01:11 30 May 2003

Mysticnas. Once again I thank you for your help and advice.

I have been looking at the site you sent me but it seems it is for traders only and I have to register as a trader which I can not do.

I have also been looking at some online shops and have found one which seems to be the right one for what I want.

I have found 3 possible Motherboards suitable for my needs and I would like your opinion on them. One is the same as the one you have and is a bit pricey, but I am prepared to pay the price if it is the only one to do the job needed.
The three can be found at these links. click here click here click here I would be grateful for your opinion

  Audeal 18:41 30 May 2003


  Audeal 22:00 30 May 2003


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