Video clips seldom play in Firefox

  Piggles 09:41 23 Dec 2016

Video clips do not play in Firefox. Especially clips in BBC news. All I get is a black area where the clips should show. I do not have the same problem in either Chrome or IE

  iscanut 11:49 23 Dec 2016

Me too, I don't think Firefox likes Adobe Flash

  difarn 12:16 23 Dec 2016

I use Firefox and don't have problems with embedded videos. I actually have Flash disabled and if it is needed I authorise it on a site for site basis.

Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration? Tools - options - General - Advanced.

Is your graphics driver up to date?

  Burn-it 12:26 23 Dec 2016

It depends on how you have the settins in the add on. It does sometimes take a while for the Flash to start.

  britto 11:50 25 Dec 2016

try clicking refresh on the page with video

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