Video card compatability

  questions4u 08:35 16 Jul 2010

I have a Dell Dimension 4600 and my current Nvidia geforce FX5200 video card is playing up. The Dell site didnt seem very helpful. Does anybody know how I can find out which cards will be compatible with my pc?
I only want a cheap one as I dont play games but I watch Iplayer. Cheers

  woodchip 08:50 16 Jul 2010

It depends on what motherboard socket is fitted.
Hears a PCIE socket if you click the image on the right its the Black one click here

Typs of AGP sockets click here

this may be helpful click here

  vinnyT 13:41 16 Jul 2010

According to dells documentation (click here), you have an agp 8x socket.

This card should, going by the specs, work in your Dell, click here-(4-and-8-Cores)

  vinnyT 13:43 16 Jul 2010

Sorry those links don't appear to be working, try this

click here

  Woolwell 15:56 16 Jul 2010

You have 3 threads going which seem to relate to the same issue ie graphics. For the benefit of others these are the other threads click here and click here.

I am trying to decide if the advice about photos was correct as you seem to have problems with the graphics. What systems are you getting which makes you think that the card is faulty and requires replacing?

  questions4u 16:49 18 Jul 2010

Yes you are right my graphics card problem is leading to a number of different questions which which I have posted separately.The key problem is still that when I boot-up I get a message that a problem is detected and windows has been shut down to protect the pc. "problem caused by file: nv4_disp"
I have just borrowed a different card from a friends machine which seemed to fix the problem so I know it is the card.
Having given that card back and put my original card back in, the problem is obviously there again. I'm working in safe mode again but now for some reason, I can no longer access my local printer. It is no longer shown and when I try to add a printer it refuses, saying that the print spooler service is not running. have I caused a problem switching graphics cards, all the cables seem OK - sorry for the essay!

  Woolwell 17:28 18 Jul 2010

Until you get a stable system I wouldn't worry about the print spooler. You seem to have narrowed the problem down to the graphics card. Have you got the latest drivers? If you have then a replacement card may be the way ahead but I think that your machine is a few years old and you have to consider whether in the long run this is going to be cost effective.

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