Video card - 8800GTS advice please!

  palmy mike 15:35 29 Oct 2007

I bought this card with the intention of playing the latest and greatest games smoothly.

This is my set up, newly built myself:

ASUS M2N4 sli mobo
AMD X2 6000+ cpu
Hyper 570W PSU
geforce 8800gts 320mb video card
2gb PC5300 RAM (2 x 1gb)
160gb samsung HDD
ASUS 18 x dvd unit
2 x 120mm case fans (one blowing in at bottom, one blowing out at top)

I'm running Vista Ultimate x64.

I have installed all the latest drivers and updates for the video card, mobo (inc sound), and Vista 'hotfixes'.

My framerate is still not smooth. It is driving me mad!

I thought maybe my card isn't good enough and I should have spent more and got the GTX 720mb version. However, according to the 'Recommended system requirements' on the games I am playing, my set up should be able to deal with it easily.

Apparently, it could be my psu. I've heard that if there is not sufficient power, the video card will sacrifice clock speeds in order to keep the computer running.

Should I go out and buy a 700W psu?

Or will I be wasting my money?

I'm no expert. This is my first time building so I expected problems.

Any help very welcome. Thank you!

  chrissul 15:41 29 Oct 2007

I have wondered about building a new pc my self at some point but going for windows 64 bit I am not sure about at the moment since not many applications are made for this yet

  citadel 19:07 29 Oct 2007

i would get another 2 g of ram as you have the 64 bit vista, plus ram is cheap right now.

  Ronnie268 19:11 29 Oct 2007

Is the frame rate bearable and do you inetend ever to upgrade other components in the future (RAM, HDD, CPU)? If so, it might be worth upgrading to a 700/800W PSU

  ICF 19:15 29 Oct 2007

Have you tried disabling your anti virus software while playing games?

  Ronnie268 19:20 29 Oct 2007

I agree - background scans slow performance grestly. Or set them to low priority on Control Panel

  GaT7 20:05 29 Oct 2007

I may be wrong, but the trouble could be one or a combination of the following:

* Have you installed the latest patches for the game(s) you're playing?

* About the latest drivers: try slightly older ones if possible, &/or the UK/international one click here ("Users without English US operating systems must download and install the International Driver available on our International Sites listed below" - from click here)

* Being Vista 64-bit, some other driver issue?

Btw, 2Gb RAM is more than enough with the 8800GTS & shouldn't be the cause of this problem (if that's what citadel was implying!). G

  palmy mike 11:05 30 Oct 2007

thanks for all of you responces. Much appreciated.

I will try disabling antivirus to see if that makes a difference.

I have followed the links from crossbow7. That forceware patch is already installed and it did help quite a lot. It's just not quite there yet.

The extra ram is worth a try. I will borrow a couple of gigs from my computer at work. If it helps, I will know to buy more. If it doesn't, I'm going to go ahead and buy more psu power. As Ronnie268 said, I will want to upgrade in the future anyway!

Will let you know how I get on tonight.

Thanks again!

  philboam 11:20 30 Oct 2007

Hello mike. I have the hyper 580 a and running a 8800gtx plus 2 hard drives and dvd drive and have had no problems at all.I am also a avid gamer in 2 clans playing cod2 and bf2.I upgraded to vista with all the latest drivers you could think off.I have built many pc's so am not a novice. The performance of my games plummeted from going to vista from xp.It lasted a week then i went back to xp and all is well again. Just a note, there are 64 gamers in our 2 clans and every one of them are using xp. Vista for games, no thanks.

  [email protected] 11:23 30 Oct 2007

it's probably the psu, my 580 watt hiper seemed to run my 8800gts but when i changed the psu it acted like a different pc. min 21 amps on the 12 volt rail or a dedicated 6 pin pci express rail if poss.

  [email protected] 11:25 30 Oct 2007

and agree with philboam about vista, if you like vista, make sure you disable aero when gaming.

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