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  User-A470719A-A876-42F8-832F53D5179F1175 22:30 11 Feb 2005

Can anyone please advise me on which video card to buy in order to play games such as Fifa 2005 and Need for Speed Underground 2?

I have a GeForce 4 MX440 which is not doing the job. It has also made my Flight Simulator unplayable!

  Bleep 23:01 11 Feb 2005

Well first an indication of your current machine specifications would be a help: click here This program will tell you what you have.





The how much you a looking to spend on it?

Generally those looking to spend £40-£60 are best to look at the ATI9600Pro and FX5700.

Generally those looking to spend £50-£100 Max are best spent on the ATI 9700Pro or FX5700Ultra.

Above this and upto around £100-£150-£180 the ATI9800PRO - 6600GT - 6800'standard' are the card of choice with more power and a higher of degree of future proofing. If £120 is your budget then the ATI9800Pro is still a fine card.

If money is no object then the 6800 GT /ULTRA or ATI X800Pro / XT PE - X850XTPE are the ultimate gaming cards.

Look here for the best prices :click here

Again do you just want to be able to run these games at modest detail settings or with all the 'eye candy' turned on as this really is a massive question and will heavily depend on how the rest of your system fairs up to see which is the best card for you.

I have a AMD 2500+ 1GB Crucial PC2700 RAM and a 6800 GT and enjoy 3DMark03 scores of 11,851 and 5049 in 3DMark05 which anyone will tell you is a very capable games machine: click here

Try and give a more details about how much power/price performance you need and we will be happy to help.

  Bleep 23:05 11 Feb 2005

Just to add, you could spend any of the above amounts on a new card and enjoy those games.

But please post the rest of your spec's so that a more detailed evaluation can be given so that you get the most out of your upgrade.

Ricki 'Bleep'

Hi Bleep,

Tried running PC Wizard but stopped responding at 43%!

I know my machine is an AMD Athlon(tm) Processor, MMX, 3DNow, 1.0 GHz. 256MB RAM
O/S is Windows Me

  TomJerry 03:02 12 Feb 2005

ATI 9600 under £60 is good one

ATI 9800 Pro about £130 is a great high perform card

for the machine you got, not much point to speed more on G-card

maybe you should upgrade RAM to 512MB, 256MB just costs about £28

  Bleep 11:35 12 Feb 2005

Would second TomJerry, you will want to get at least another 256MB RAM this is a great company to buy from : click here

With an AMD running at 1Ghz, I really would would'nt suggest going any higher than a ATI 9700Pro click here as your CPU will really be holding back performance.

A ATI 9600 click here with an extra 256MB RAM would allow you to play the games at a good price/performance ratio.

Make sure you find out what RAM you have -PC100/PC133/PC2100 I doubt it would be any higher than that, if you cant get PC wizard to run try AIDA 32 click here this will tell you the motherboard and RAM you have, with this go to the memory link above and enter that info and it will tell you the best model for your system.

Thanks to Bleep and TomJerry for their valuable advice!

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