video card

  inneedofhelp 14:53 16 Jun 2004

hello all, Setup is,AMD 2700 XP,760mb ram,80 gogs, radeon 9800xt on a assrock mobo.
I have just re-installed windows, drovers, programs etc after a recent format.

Eveything works fine but now when I am doing anything graphic intensive eg fltsim,halo, harry potter(whoops, did i say that out load) the monitor lcd ges from green to amber, then nothing. All i can hear is the sound coming from the game. this happens about 10 mins in on fltsim, 3 mins in on harry potter and about an hour in halo.

I have most up tot date direct x installed plus the most up to date catlyst drivers,control panel for my graphics card. at the moment, nothing is overclocked and i have a thermaltake case with 8 fans so i know its not overheating. The psu is a 400watt, like i said, ive never had this problem before

any ideas

  dogtrack 16:13 16 Jun 2004

perhaps try another monitor...borrow off a mate. See if situation then persists. if not, then your monitor is at fault. If it does, then your graphic card is to blame.

  Fruit Bat 16:44 16 Jun 2004

directx 9.0 is causing some problems as reported on several forums perhaps a revert to DX8 might solve the problem?

  citadel 18:16 16 Jun 2004

If the monitor blacks out but the game sound still plays it could be the monitor failing. I had a similar problem and it turned out to be the monitor.

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