Video Capturing

  CalmCookie 22:18 02 Aug 2003

I have a digital video camera which connects to my PC (OS WinXP Home) via Firewire.
I have plenty of harddrive space but I want to store my videos onto CDs.
I have purchased the program Ulead Video 4.0.
Can anyone suggest a format which I can store the videos on to a CD with good enough quality, because the setting I have tried appears to only store about 10mins of video per 700mb CD.
A format that can also be played on a DVD player which can read CD discs would be nice also....perhaps I'm asking too much??
30mins per cd I would find acceptable.
Any suggestions anyone??

  Rtus 01:14 03 Aug 2003

Ive only used Xp once for video I believe the Xp's default is Mpeg but I could be wrong..Ive no way of checking at the moment as it was scrapped last week .when I loaned the drive out For short term backup..on another machine The results are good considering its bundled & not a stand alone product like Studio7-8 etc...

  MichelleC 09:05 03 Aug 2003

The usual convertion to vcd is mpeg1, as this is more compressed than mpeg2 amd can fit better onto cd. The better quality is mpeg2 (this plugin is copyright and may have to be bought). Some dv editing suites allow tweeks to compress further on these formats.

  Bagsey 10:48 03 Aug 2003

If you are going to play the Cd in a drive on your computer I would say that mpeg1 is ok, but on some stand alone DVD recorders only SVCD can be accepted. This mean I believe mpeg2 must be used. Please correct me if I am wrong. Like you I am at the bottom of the learning curve for this.

  y_not 16:30 03 Aug 2003

Just to add some timings; for an SVCD you can expect to fit 35 minutes of video onto a 700mbb disk.

As for quality - it should be better (marginally) than VCR tape but not as good as DVD quality - certainly highly watchable though.

  bremner 16:50 03 Aug 2003

click here and this may help

  dacoop25 23:15 03 Aug 2003

I had the same problem as you have. You are probably working with AVI files. I converted mine to MPEG files which are very,very much smaller & I could not see any degrading in the results.If you do not have a program to convert AVI to MPEG you can download one (name LTMPGE ) free at http:\\click here. Good Luck. Daycoo.

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